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Why Go For Aluminum Slat Fencing

Aluminum Slat FencingWhy is it such a desirable fence option for businesses and homeowners alike? Well, that’s probably because it’s all of these things and more:

1. Corrosion free
2. Looks and feels like iron
3. Can be custom fabricated
4. Costs much less than traditional wrought iron
5. Provides low maintenance containment and security while looking great
6. Rackable – can adjust to the slope of your land
7. Much harder to breach compared to wooden fences


Easy to Maintain

One of the main reasons why Fencing Pros Perth customers really love their Aluminum Slat Fencing is the fact that is much easier to maintain than iron or wood fencing. In addition, it’s easy to work with, so that opens up a world of options to choose from. And, even those customers who are working within a tight budget can enjoy having aluminum fencing since the designs and sections are created with easy maintenance in mind, making this choice perfectly suited to both residential and commercial fencing projects.

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Excellent Security

And, that’s not all either. Whether you have a commercial or a residential use, aluminum fencing provides excellent security and versatility in addition to easy maintenance and great security. That’s why aluminum slat fencing is the perfect choice in custom commercial fencing that features landscapes, as well as for industrial facility projects.

Less Weight, No Erosion

Aluminum slat fences and gates in Perth and the surrounding areas are becoming the fencing gold standard on projects where erosion, weight, or both are factors. When it comes to gates, aluminum gates weigh significantly less than other materials and are also the premium choice where erosion is a major concern. This goes double when fencing is in close proximity to water and/or when keeping up proper maintenance is an issue.

Aesthetic Appeal

A premium fabricated fence and gate made of aluminum provides an aesthetic appeal that is quite elegant for any residential or commercial project of any size and scope. The unique appeal and qualities of aluminum should make it your go-to choice for golf course developments, pool enclosures, lake houses, and beach properties.

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Once a Precious Metal

Aluminum Fencing in PerthAnd, it seems that aluminum gates and slat fencing are everywhere these days. What’s interesting about that is that this wasn’t always the case. Around the turn of the century, aluminum was like gold and silver because it was so rare. Way back then, nobody would have even thought of using aluminum for constructing fences or gates. Building aluminum fencing and gates would literally have cost a ton of money back then. Aluminum was way too expensive, in addition to being hard to refine.

Strangely enough, It was considered to be a precious metal in spite of the fact that it was actually among the most plentiful elements in the world. But then, a man named Joseph Bayer developed an aluminum refining process and the entire world recognized how useful it was as a major building product.

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At Fencing Pros Perth, we are well aware that, although aluminum isn’t in short supply or precious anymore, our customers’ visions for their fencing is. And, we possess the experience to build a fence for your home or business that you’ll love for years to come. So, if you’re looking for high-quality aluminum slat fencing for your commercial or residential project, just fill out our contact form or give us a call today, to have a Fencing Pros Perth for a free quote today.

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